This is where you can tell the difference between seasoned speakers and amateurs.

Often we hear someone tell us that the experience was the “best they ever had”, “proved the company was the best” in the field.  What does the best mean?  Is it a life changing event.  If so tell us that and explain why in clear, vivid, detailed words.  Did it make the company a provider of some unique quality, or the largest provider.  Again, explain this in vivid, descriptive, sensory terms.  Your goal is to take an idea and make it become an image, a taste, an entity we could touch or smell.  The more senses you can stimulate in the audience’s mind, the more they are going to take your ideas home and savor them.

In working with a financial institution they wanted to say they were your global partners.  Global partners, what does that mean?  Once they elaborated and illustrated the idea by “we’re there to hold your hand and accompany you in any business dealing from Europe to Asia to North American and onwards.